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White Kiss and the possible risk to your health?

It may be, in this practice a lot of risk is posed for the salute because the contact of the semen with the mucosa can be carriers of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, vph, chlamydia, syphilis or hepatitis.

For a while there are many escorts and whores from the main cities of Spain, such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where it is more frequent to find professionals who offer the white kiss service as one more of the services to get the attention, but Like any sexual practice in which the use of a condom is not used there are certain strong risks.

Snowballing (as it is also called this practice.) Has a high risk of HIV transmission since if the semen is ingested by the person and the person has oral lesions (bleeding in the gums) or untreated sexually transmitted infections.

Therefore a very peculiar and not very common activity of the escort, only a certain amount offers it as a service and a different cost. Keep this in mind when you want to experience something new.

Safe sex against VS white kiss.

Whatever the sexual practice where a person's blood, semen, or discharge does not come in contact with wounds or mucous membranes (urethra, anus, gland, vagina or mouth) from another person, it is considered safe sex and is advisable if you wish to stay away from A sexually transmitted disease.

Pages like luluylolo or photoescorts. You are offered a select group of escorts who give the service of white kiss with certain conditions that apply and will be informed when hiring, and the price ranges from 80 euros to 300 or 400 euros.

Among the prices to be found will be very varied depending on factors whether the place, availability and prestige that makes the price change, but take into account before making the decision to contract this service that is entirely at your risk and with the consent of both Parties.

If you are already sure that you want this service you can try to combine several such as you can have a duplex service and apart from each of the escort practice the white kiss or combine another service as the deep throat.

Over 18 years

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